Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just keeping it real... I mean here

Amazing Phoenix Wright fan made comic. Contains some possibly mature yaoi and spoilers for the end of Trials and Tribulatiions. I'm just keeping it here so I don't lose the link.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The sky was blue. A deep, baby blue. It stretched off into all directions, never ending. The sun was out, and there was no wind. It was perfect day to jump off a plane. At the very tip of the wing of the plane that was highest up in the sky, was a girl. She leaned over just bit, looking down at what seemed to be her death, but it was her beggining. Her vibrent, hot pink hair whipped around. It was short, but lethal. A devilish grin cornered around her angelic face. Causing havoc was what she was best at.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, what kind of person would jump off a plane? Why is she not seen? Well of course, this girl was not a person. She was not human, well atleast not untill possibly a few years later. What is she you ask? You'll find out in dear time, wether you want to or not. And for the matter that no one noticed a naked girl on the tip of the wing, well, she obviously wasn't one with the earth of course. She could not be seen.

She leaned over once more. The plane's speed caused great wind, but nothing -but herself- could get the girl off that wing. And then, everything was still. Oh so still. She leaped. Leaped into the air, then down, down, down, she went. Her hair whipped around twice as much. The pressure would've been too much for any other bare woman, but of course, Carla was no ordinary being. Oh, did I not mention her name? My dearest apologies my good people.

Carla continued to go down, down, down. As she got closer and closer to the earth's ground, her grin grew more and more. She twisted and turned her body, positioning herself for landing. She had started off head first, now feet first. Excitement bubbled up in Carla's mind. This is what she had been waiting for ever since she's been created. There was only a short distance between the very bottom of her foot, and the surface of the earth. As the distrance grew even smaller, she noted the fact that she was in a city. A very busy city, with hundreds of thousands of people. Just as planned.

It took only a few seconds for the disaster to happen. As her small feet touched the ground, an immense crater in the earth's crust appeared. She stod still, oh so still.The sounds of screams and the alarms of cars shattered through the once pure air. Carla could now be seen by anyone, but there was too much dust and dirt around her for any human eyes to lay upon her. Carla looked to her left. There stood a woman wearing a white dress and roller blades. She looked completly frightened, as if she had seen a ghost. But Carla was no ghost, far from it. Carla took this information into her membrane and just with a snap of her fingers, she wore the exact same thing as the horrified woman. Amazing how beings like Carla had such ways with fashion.

Carla quickly whiped her head back to the crowd of people forming infront of her. There were many, many people. Before the image of Carla's appearence could burn into their minds, she had to quickly install a program. It was forrbiden for her to be scruntinized by such weak, disgusting creatures. The program only took a millionth of a second to install into each witnesses' mind. As Carla installed, she took note of the humans. Taking notes is the kye to sucess. There were people of all kind. Male, female, child, adult. It was quite facetious to Carla. She had never observed anything like the humarn world. Intriguing, indeed it was.
As Carla almost came to the end of her programing, she reached a young boy, possibly 17. He had black spiked hair, different coloured eyes, a pair of glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, and threatening glare. He did not look amazed, like all the others about Carla's big entry, but rather annoyed. She decided that the subject did not need anymore thought, then continued with the programing. But that's when things started to go wrong. As she tried to program the boy's mind, a wall stopped her. She felt like a virus trying to hack into a computer with an anti-virus software. This was something odd, something that wasn't supposed to happen. Then again, Carla wasn't supposed to crash into the earth. She could've taken the easy way, but the easy way was never the fun way.
No matter what Carla did, nothing could get her program into the boy's mind. She tried over and over again, but after the tenth time, she realised that if she continued, she'd find herself in a sticky situation. More people would come and Carla would find herself way over her head. She quickly fled the scene. It only took her a few seconds considering the fact that Carla was incredibly fast, and with her new roller blades, she was even faster. So what if one single person knew what happened on that dreadfull day? Would anyone believe him? Would people realise that what crashed into the middle of New York city was an unkown girl? These very thoughts attacked Carla's mind as she made her great escape. Carla knew she had to do something about that boy, and she would.

Ok, so I actually proof read it. It still probably had alot of mistakes, but I did put alot of effort on this, so I hope that you guys will like it! Comments are loved!!

The line that shouldn't be crossed.

This is one of my newest characters, named Withering. She is of the Withering Fairy species. Everytime blood is shed, a withering fairy showes up and feasts off the dead until they wither up and die, thus the name wihtering fairy. When the scent of blood gets to them, they go crazy. Although they're usually not seen by humans, some humans can.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Super Duper Update!

Wow! Haven't updated in a while. Here's a ton of art! If you wana know anything about a picture, ask in the comments.