Saturday, March 31, 2007

Teacher diss

A couple of days ago in french class, we were reading a story about some guy who collected bugs ( yuck ) and my friend said she was scared of bugs. The teacher ( in french ) said you shouldn't be because you are gros ( fat in french ), the teacher also used actions like rubbing a big belly when saying it, well my friend isnt big, she is tall and a bit fuller then the girls who like like sticks glued together. The kids started to laugh and the teacher said " no I ment Grand ( big ) " Well I'm not sure about you but I say it was a excuse!And to think of it, teachers always say we use excuses!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Some thind weird

Today I went to the park with Hesbell and there were little boys ( like 5-7 )well anyways they were tring REALLY hard to be cool saying stupid stuff like " I am going to kill you " " I am going to poke your eye out so you will need a new one " they were even throwing sticks at us. ( well they didn't even hit us ) and the weirdest thing, well to me is that all the bad words cam out from the younger boy who would be probably around 6. Well I atleast got some laughs out of it :D. That was the most important thing!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hey :D

Well I just wanted to type something, nothing exciing has happened since the flood, meh, me bored -_- I shall tell you when something exciting happens

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The most horrible thing happened

as the title said, the most horrible thing happened, the toilet upstairs over flowed and went everywhere, it went threw the floor and went into the light fixture, dripping threw the sofa ( at least it was old), then it went to the basement, weting alot of things. I cried at first but the I laughed, I thaught things like this only happen in movies, I guess not, wait, It could have been a dream, but it wasn't :( but now my house is cleaned, but we need a new light :s

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I wanted to say hes bell is my besties bestest best friend in the world!!!!!! She is like my identical (sp?) twin!!!! We stick together like we were glued together!!
SHE IS AWSEOME!! check out her blogg " Duck With Umbrella " it is under my links
check it out ^_~

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thanks to well I shall call her closet-space, I found out of to do the stuff I wanted to know how to do in the other posy :) well I just wanted to put some more videos :)

I need help!!!

Hey, I need help. How you ask? I dont now how to get a picture. Like when you comment, there is a picture beside it. Also how do change the title of your comments, right now mine says comments but how do you change it to something eles? Please help me

Well hello there!!

Hey! I made another blogg because I thought I wasn't able to use this one anymore. Well I can!!! Any ways.. uh. can you put videos in a blogg? If possible please leavea comment on how to put videos on. I have a slight idea how but I'm not sure if it

I hope this works!

warning : if this works the song is in japanese, just to all thouse who don't like that type of music

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some art ^_^

These are some random pictures I drew. The frst one is an angel and the second one is a random avatar from a online game called Gaiaonline

Hello again, I will be posting pics I have drawn, once I learn how ^_^

First timer :D

Hello :) This is my first blogg ever, well I should talk about my self, I love manga, video games, japanese stuff, drawing and spending time with friends. I am very very VERY good friends with Hesbell. We see each other almost every day