Sunday, November 23, 2008



All these pics are taken with mah camera :l

Diego and Godot together. Past and Present. The red sploches are from the other bloody picture down below. But it still looks good.

My newest OC's all bunched up together. Well, some are old. Spot the ones that you'venever seen before :l

This is the first in HOPEFULY a weekly comic series called 'The Weekly Red'.
It'll probably turn to monthly for all I know. Whatever.

Me and all my CRAAAAAAAAZY faces. Yup.
Please don't ask about that thing picking it's nose. I don't know either.

Phoenix's body is defying the laws of physics and Edgeworth's body is missing, what else is new?
The colouring is gay.
Phoenix's head is weird.
My foot is stuck in mah ear.

My somewhat new characters, Drake and Linda from ANOTHER story I might work on titled 'And on the 13th day'. OMG! THERE IS WHITE OUT! IGNORE IT PLEASE!!!

This is Luna from 'Moon Whisper'. you know, that really old manga I was working on. This is actually the new Sunny. I had decided to change her to Moon instead of Sun. Luna sounded to girly for a guy, so who you once knew as Kyo is now Sol. He'll show up some time soon, probably.

I am super obssesed with 'Phoenix Wright the Musical Project'
This is a scene from the spoof they made of their own musical of Edgeworth, claiming he'll meet again with Phoenix.
Man, Edgeworth can hold that note for a loooong time :l
I think I made him too pink.

This is Carla from that story I wrote not to long ago. She's wearing different clothes then in the story, but whatever.

L, Godot and myself having our Tea Time. Although Godot's drinking coffee... and I'm drinking Iced Tea....
Why does Godot look so young? why am I wearing flip-flops? why is L's chair orange? These questions have baffled scientists for years.
Godot: He was all like ' Take that ' so I was all like' Objection'!
Red: *drool*
L: I want some love too!

I drew this quite some time ago, but of course, never got to put it up. Diego and Mia from Phoenix Wright, tied together by the red thread of fate. YUP.

Alrighty then, this first picture is how I imagined the part in PW3 when Dahlia (spoiler) poisned (endspoiler) Diego.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh my

Ok, I know I haven't posted any art in forever, but listen up!

Ok, I drew lots-o-stuff and scanned everything, but since I need a different computer to upload the pictures, I need to use a USB to transfer everything, RIGHT? Well, my USB is supah small and just one picture is like, 100 MB although the USB only holds 63 MB, so I can't get the art on the USB!

In short, I don't think I'll have any art up until I either get a new USB, or get my stupid computer fixed.

Go to my deviantart account to see some art that I was unnable to post on my blog from a few weeks ago.